Ogeechee Area Hospice


Compassionate and Experienced Professionals Guiding You and Your Family Through Life's Change


The warm afternoon sun shines through the branches and leaves of the old oak trees.  These are the sturdy, seemingly ageless trees under which family and friends have always joined together sharing memories and making new ones.

     Perhaps this is your family and friends.  You feel the power of their support so at the end of the day, you can travel life’s uncertain path side-by-side embraced by their love.

     But traveling this uncertain path may require a larger circle of support-the type of support offered by your community hospice that will assist you through one of the most precious and loving times of your life.  The support you will require from a specialized level of medical assistance, the professional expertise and loving care you will receive from Ogeechee Area Hospice.

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 You have always made your own life choices, but now you are living with a difficult illness.  Or perhaps you are the primary caregiver for someone who is at the end-stages of an illness and you need someone to turn to for help.  While times like these can be frightening, leaving you feeling vulnerable and indecisive, they do not have to be so challenging.  Dignity, peace and family togetherness can replace discomfort and fear when one is faced with critical decisions.  Everyone has the right to compassionate care, expert symptom control and pain management over the last months, weeks and days of his or her life.  At Ogeechee Area Hospice, you and your loved-one will receive the best comprehensive care from our highly-qualified interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals.

     Serving the Ogeechee River region since 1994, Ogeechee Area Hospice was founded by people in your community for your community.  It is the only not-for-profit hospice serving Bulloch and surrounding counties.  Our ability to serve our patients in the care-setting they choose that best meets their needs sets us apart from the rest.  We offer the most care choices in the area.  We are able to serve our patients whether they are at home, in a nursing home or assisted living facility.  Those with complex care needs may enter our state-of-the-art Inpatient Center.