Bereavement Services 


When your loved one is gone, it is time for you to begin to build a new life.  For some people, this can happen fairly quickly, but for others recovery can take a little longer.

     Challenged by difficult and perhaps tumultuous emotions, this can be a confusing time.  Grief is a natural response to death, but no one can predict how an individual will react to such a significant loss.  Some people are able to go about their daily schedules just as before, but others are overwhelmed and require a helping hand.

     At Ogeechee Area Hospice we recognize that there is no “normal” way to grieve.  Our Bereavement Program supports family members for 13 months after the loss of a loved-one. We regard each family member individually and connect with him or her in the way that is most helpful.

     An important component of healing is consistent and positive interaction with other people. We assist individuals with connecting to others in many ways.

  • Mailings:  We stay in regular contact with families through our quarterly newsletter and monthly mailings of an informational newsletter that will help individuals understand the grieving process.
  • Telephone Contact:  We are still just a phone call away to lend support when needed.
  • Support Groups:  No one has to grieve alone. Our support groups assist individuals in expressing, understanding and coping with their emotions.
  • Memorial Services:  We honor each life that has touched our hospice family with a remembrance service for families and friends.
  • Children’s Bereavement Camp (Camp Lilly-Welle): Children are invited to play and discover their feelings about the loss of a loved-one through play and communication with other children experiencing the same kind of loss.
  • Holiday Activities:  Holidays are often difficult times for families who have lost a loved-one. Our families are invited to our annual “Mistletoe and Memories” to join others who have experienced a loss.

     At Ogeechee Area Hospice, through the care that we provide to our patients and our families, we never forget that a high quality of life is critical to emotional fulfillment.  Life is for the living.


Ashley Hand

Social Worker/Bereavement


Tammy Horton

Bereavement Coordinator